Client: PACT Renaissance Collaborative, LLC.

Services Performed: Architect of entire portfolio

Location: Scattered Sites in Manhattan, New York

Scale & Scope: Rehabilitation of 40 buildings: 1,718 Units, common areas, building systems, and building exterior; ADA-Compliance and UFAS Conversions

Project Parameters

  • Survey existing unit and common areas
  • Establish Scope of Work based on existing conditions
  • Prepare Construction Documentation for negotiated bid
  • Construction Administrative Services
  • Code Inspections and Sign-offs
  • Substantial Rehabilitation

Modernization & Upgrades to existing kitchens, bathrooms, roofs, mechanical systems, windows, & more;

Enhanced Security & On-Site Programming for residents and the surrounding community

Working with residents, the development and design team provided major repairs and renovations for  1,718  NYCHA apartments throughout  Manhattan.

Renovations and improvements for individual apartments will include new kitchens, bathrooms, windows, doors, and flooring. Building-wide renovations can include roof repairs, facade work, elevator upgrades and replacements, mechanical systems upgrades, additional security systems, and new heating systems.
Enhancements will also be prioritized for common areas, community centers, landscaping, and playgrounds.


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