Client: Dantes Partners & Kalel Companies

Services Performed: Architecture & Planning

Location: Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, New York

Scale & Scope:  14 Buildings |  4-16 Story buildings | 929 residential units, community centers & amenities, laundry and childcare Tenant Association; ADA-Compliance and FHEO Conversions

Project Parameters

  • Establish Scope of Work based on existing conditions
  • Prepare Construction Documentation for negotiated bid
  • Construction Administrative Services
  • Code Inspections and Sign-offs
  • Substantial Rehabilitation

The rehabilitation scope of work is focused on creating safe, attractive, accessible and sustainable buildings and communities for NYCHA families.

The Ocean Hill and Stuyvesant Gardens Development comprises 5 campuses spread out around the Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood in Brooklyn. The Revitalization Project is a comprehensive initiative aimed at enhancing the living conditions, community services, and overall quality of life for residents within these developments.

Through the PACT (Permanent Affordability Commitment Together) program, this development will be able to secure funding for repairs while maintaining affordability and resident rights.

Our team and collaborators are looking to address long-standing issues, improve infrastructure, and foster a vibrant and supportive community environment. Throughout this process, our mission is to collaborate closely with residents, tenant association leaders, and community stakeholders to gain input, address concerns, and tailor solutions to the specific needs of the Ocean Hill – Stuyvesant Gardens community.

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