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Our Team

Ruben Rodriguez 
Senior Project Architect

Ruben’s abilities have been nurtured by his desire to resolve situations with a profound adeptness in various aspects of technology, art and design. This increasingly growing skill set is applied in a continual effort to support the development of the built environment. Ruben received his formal education from the City College of New York where he acquired his degree in architecture. For over 10 years he has applied his awareness of responsibility to improve the dynamic needs of societal conditions in the urban context, continually striving to realize his fundamental belief that consciousness of space and family cultivate progress. Ruben is currently working towards becoming a registered architect.

Kahlil Lashley
Junior Architect

Kahlil is an energetic architect, who recently graduated from Syracuse University School of Architecture. He is passionate about developing the fundamental skills that will lay the foundation for his career as a design professional. Kahlil is on track to become a licensed architect in the State of New York. The prime motivation that has inspired his pursuit of understanding Architecture as a discipline, is his dream of innovating space that will challenge the architectural discourse to become more inclusive so that people of all disciplines and classes may take part in the discussion.

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Tiffany Benavides
Junior Architect

Tiffany holds her Bachelor’s of Architecture from the New York Institute of Technology Manhattan campus. She knew she wanted to choose a career path that would allow her to express her creativity and that is what architecture did. She has had the opportunity to travel abroad to diverse cities such as Lisbon, Barcelona, Milan, Bogota amongst others. These travels exposed her to diverse architectural styles and cultures contributing to her passion for architecture. Determine to be one of the best at her craft she continues to practice designing each day which is where she became skilled at sketching and continuing to participate in competitions. Tiffany is working on becoming a licensed Architect in the State of New York and plans on getting her Master’s Degree Architecture.

Santreessa M. Thompson
Human Resource Generalist

Santreessa has proven experience with organizational management, staff development, recruitment, hiring, and retention strategies.  She holds a B.S. in Administrative Studies with a minor in Business from St. John’s University.  Her abilities include taking initiative, multi-tasking and prioritizing assignments to meet deadlines.  She interacts effectively with all levels of management and the public. Responding to individual inquires in a timely manner while maintaining high service standards.

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